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Publications from CORC

Rohbohm, Sun, Blasco-Gómez, Byrne, Kapplerdf, Angenent* (2022): Carbon oxidation with sacrificial anodes to inhibit O2 evolution in membrane-less bioelectrochemical systems for microbial electrosynthesis

Ayyar, Aregawi, Petersen, Pedersen, Kragh, Desoky, Sundberg, Vinum, and Lee* (2023): Carbon Dioxide-Mediated Desalination (not funded by CORC)

Schulz, Molitor, Angenent* (2022): Acetate augmentation boosts the ethanol production rate and specificity by Clostridium ljungdahlii during gas fermentation with pure carbon monoxide

Zhao, Christensen, Sun, Liang, Bagger, Torbensen, Nazari, Lauritsen, Pedersen, Rossmeisl, Daasbjerg* (2022): Steering carbon dioxide reduction toward C-C coupling using copper electrodes modified with porous molecular films

Zhao, Liang, Hu, Simin, Daasbjerg* (2022): Challenges and Prospects in the Catalytic Conversion of Carbon Dioxide to Formaldehyde

Christensen, Zhao, Sun, Bagger, Lauritsen, Pedersen, Daasbjerg*, Rossmeisl (2022): Can the CO2 Reduction Reaction be Improved on Cu: Selectivity and Intrinsic Activity of Functionalized Cu Surfaces

Hong, Luthra, Jakobsen, Madsen, Castro, Hammershøj, Pedersen, Balcells, Skrydstrup, Daasbjerg*, Nova (2023): Exploring the Parameters Controlling Product Selectivity in Electrochemical CO2 Reduction in Competition with Hydrogen Evolution Employing Manganese Bipyridine Complexes