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How to get involved

The ambition of the Novo Nordisk Foundation CO2 Research Center is to be a strong global leader in the green transition from a fossil‐based to a sustainable society. For the research center to fulfil its mission and to have a societal impact, close and unconventional interactions with relevant stakeholders in industry and government are key.

Industries are partners and collaborators without whom research findings would remain siloed. Industry understands scaling, feasibilities, and operation and logistics, and in the past many good technologies ‘failed’ in late stages because these aspects were neglected early on.

The center will take a proactive approach to lead new modes of partnering and collaborating with industries, in particular energy, chemical, and life science industries to accelerate implementation of new technologies.

The center will adopt and further develop the Open Innovation in Science (OIS) approach, embraced first at Aarhus University by one of the center’s investigators, Kim Daasbjerg, realising that in order to accelerate progress and translation of fundamental research, data and findings need to be actively curated and communicated to industries who cannot monitor comprehensively the staggering rate of academic progress.