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Carbon Forum

The CORC Carbon Forum by the Novo Nordisk Foundation CO2 Research Center and partners provides a platform for an open and unbiased discussion on how to accelerate the green transition and on the role of carbon in the future. The goal is to highlight solutions, consequences, and challenges we face as a society and how to deal with them.

The Carbon Forum is a recurring debate event targeting policymakers, industry, civil servants, researchers, journalists organizations, and other decision-makers. The Forum serves as a platform for discussions on the interconnectedness between technical, economic, and socio-economic elements of the green transition, the dilemmas we face and what it takes to implement well-balanced strategies and solutions.

Together with experts we will set the stage for a debate where information and differing views will be presented and explored.

The CORC Carbon Forum will be held 3-4 times per year at varying locations. The Forum will discuss a range of different topics. 


Future themes for CORC Carbon Forum will, among others, be:

  • The Social Cost of Carbon – how costly is it to not deal with the CO2 problem?

  • Negative emissions – what does it take, and how do we get there?

  • Bioresources – how do we make a sustainable strategy for biomass use?

  • Carbon-to-X – what are the solutions and challenges (and connections to Power-to-X)?