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It's in our hands to fix it....

Natural disasters, wildfires, flooding, record temperatures. We are seeing the results of the globe's rising temperatures and there is no doubt: We did this. This is also why it's in our hands to fix it, and that is the core of the Novo Nordisk Foundation CO₂ Research Center - to develop science and technical solutions to mitigate climate changes and CO₂ emissions. Watch our new film here.

Produced by GotFat Productions Photo: 'It's in our hands to fix it'

The title of CORC's new film is "It's in our hands", and the purpose of the film is to show both the big task we're all facing in combatting climate changes, how we are all part of the problem - and the solution. We can all play a small or big part, and at the same time science and technology play a pivotal role in changing our future and ensuring humanity of a habitable planet  🌍

>> Watch the CORC film here: