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How do we communicate about carbon technologies?

CORC and Novo Nordisk Foundation cordially invite you to a seminar on carbon removal communications, where we will explore the vital role of communication in driving change, aiming to inform decisions that align with our emission reduction goals.

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Wednesday 22 November 2023,  at 13:00 - 15:30

This seminar aims to discuss the challenges of communicating the need for implementation of carbon removal technologies, as well as the roles of policy advocacy and public acceptance in supporting these goals. 

The advancement of (climate) technologies cannot exist in isolation; we need the active engagement of the population. Consequently, effective communication to support policy makers and to bridge the gap between scientific research, policy, and public acceptance is absolutely essential for the successful implementation and societal adaptation of new technologies.

We will explore the vital role of communication in driving change, with the aim of informing decisions that align with emission reduction goals. We want to guide you to take insights from the lab to societal impact, showcasing case studies and engaging experts from various fields. Join us in shaping the future of climate action and sustainability through effective communication and policy advocacy for a just, scientific, and equitable transition. 

Venue: Novo Nordisk Foundation Auditorium, Tuborg Havnevej 19, 2900 Hellerup (DK)

Moderator: Sofie Mohanty Hviid, climate journalist and author




  • Welcome and intruction thorugh graphic intro-poll by Sofie Mohanty Hviid and Anna Laybourn


The Art of Talking Science with Policymakers

  • Talk by Roger Aines and Amy Aines, authors of the book "Championing Science" on science communication that aims at building communication skills for success and explores how science can be made understandable and actionable for audiences at many levels.



  • Talk by Peter Hesseldahl, Danish journalist focusing on climate technologies and author of the book "Omstilling til Fremtiden" ("Transitioning to the Future"). Hesseldahl explores what we can do to ensure that the enormous forces at play in the transition of the coming years will bring us prosperity rather than disaster. The book shows a future that has fundamentally changed – but for the better.


  • Discussion and Q&A

For questions or problems with signing in, please contact Tina Fruelund.



Roger Aines

Roger Aines is a distinguished leader responsible for overseeing the Carbon Initiative at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). Moreover he serves as the Senior Advisor for Carbon Dioxide Removal to the US Department of Energy Under Secretary for Energy and Innovation.

Before his current role, Roger expertly led LLNL's Carbon Management Program, providing an integrated perspective on the energy, climate, and environmental aspects related to carbon-based fuel production and utilization. In collaboration with Amy Aines, he authored the book "Championing Science," which offers valuable insights to help scientists communicate more effectively with decision-makers.

Amy Aines

Amy Aines is a communication strategist, speaker coach, and training expert with over four decades of experience in the telecommunications, technology, and biotech industries. Amy's particular focus is on scientists and technical experts. Her expertise extends to teaching scientists and technical experts essential communication skills and strategies to amplify their impact. She is a sought-after keynote speaker and workshop leader, offering insights into communication, relationship-building, and influence skills.

Holly Jean Buck

Dr. Holly Jean Buck is an accomplished author, researcher, and expert in the field of climate change and geoengineering. She is widely recognized for her work on the societal and ethical implications of emerging technologies designed to address climate-related challenges.

Holly holds a PhD in Development Sociology, awarded by Cornell University in 2017, which reflects her deep knowledge and understanding of societal and environmental challenges. She also obtained an MSc in Human Ecology from Lund University in 2011, providing her with a solid foundation in the complexities of human-environment interactions.

Peter Hesseldahl

Peter Hesseldahl is a journalist and editor of digital transformation at Ugebrevet Mandag Morgen - a weekly Danish business magazine. Hesseldahl's work and research has focused on the transition from the industrial economy to a new economy, characterized by digital technology and networks, and the need to thrive with far less strain on the environment.